Monday, August 27, 2012

Aug 27, 2012

A few weeks ago I was bored and googled Red Rose Vintage and to my surprise more than four links popped up. I was kinda bummed that I was not the only one out there with the same name, so I decided to change it.  Introducing 

Why Lara's? Well for one I couldn't come up with a unique name lol and this happens to be my maiden name, so there! Easy peasy! I will be changing my blogger name along with buttons SOON. So please if you have my button on your page make sure you get the new one ;)

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  1. :O so annoying, anyway the new name sounds nice, I want to continuing advertising in your blog, so please give me a space XD
    Princess Corner.

  2. aww..I will still love your blog. So far mine never had the same blog names..even it's just a month old. =D

  3. Oh it's really interesting blog name tho :)

  4. I had changed my blog /business name a new weeks ago but have to change it back... It is so hard to change your business name on Facebook

  5. That stinks about the name but I like the new one too. :) When you're ready with your new button, just change it in Passionfruit (at least for my blog). =D


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