July 10,2012

Jul 10, 2012

About time I'm able to blog!!! It's been a hectic day since tomorrow night I'm off to California I've been cleaning the house like a mad woman lol. So finally, I can post last weeks finds!! Enjoy ;)

Brand new Christmas appetizer dishes $3

Pyrex and Glasbake $6

Small vintage syrup pitcher $1 and ??? I know what it is but I'm totally drawing a blank lol $1.50

Plastic mint teapot $1

Vintage thermos $3

 Super cute deer $2.50, vintage perfume bottle from Austria $1.00
books $5

 Vintage tins $1.50

 Cute cherry dress $3

Night gown $1

 Nightgown #2 $1.00

 The cutest little wood airplane! And it plays music when you wind it up! $2.00 

 These bad boys are pretty much brand new! Alfani leather booties $4. I'm super bummed they don't fit me! I'll probably end up selling them in the shop.

Craigslist score!! $5 Mamas&Papas Snail Rocker. In MINT condition! Saw the exact one on Ebay for $120.


  1. I stumbled upon one of those unidentified objects at Goodwill, too! I would have picked it up if I knew what it was.. What IS it??

    Also I am very jealous of the little mint teapot :(

  2. I know it's for veggies or something like that lol

  3. Where do you find all these amazing things?! If you're ever in my area- we are totally going thrifting together! Have a great trip lady! Let me know how baby does on the plane! I have to fly with k next month and I'm totally dreading it. I hate flying.

    And if you have time-- stop by and link-up for Find + Follow Friday :D

    1. Lately I've been hittin the jackpott at Goodwill! I'll let you know if I'm ever in your area ;) Sophia did great on the plane! She slept through most of the flight and they had a diaper changing table in the bathroom so that made things so much easier. Are you flying for a long time? I'll for sure link up on Friday :)

  4. Great blog you have here,i am now following you,would love if we could follow each other and keep in touch<3


  5. What lovely photos- I love the muted colors!

  6. Ugh, I feel like I can never find good stuff at Goodwill! Great finds!


    1. Whoa - just realized you live in Jersey. Hey neighbor! Are you in the North or South? I need to go scope out your Goodwill haha!

    2. Hi Valeri! I'm in central NJ. Montmouth County to be exact :)Where are you? Did you know there's a Goodwill Outlet in Atlantic City!! I'm super stoked to get back from Cali so I can hit it up! lol

  7. Sandra, I truly admire your talent of finding such great pieces!!! very inspiring - makes me wanna go thrifting ASAP;-))))

  8. What awesome finds! Wish I had such luck! Beautiful pics! :)


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