July 09,2012

Jul 8, 2012

Bev over from  http://www.blackinkpaperie.blogspot.com presented me with a blog award. My first one ever! It brought a smile to my face and really brightened my day! Thank you Bev!!! 

The Kreativ Blogger Award

       The requirements:

                1. Thank the person who gave you the award 
and link back to their blog.

2. Answer 7 questions about yourself.

3. Provide 10 random factoids about yourself.

4. Hand the award to 7 deserving others

Thank you very much Bev! Show her some love over at http://www.blackinkpaperie.blogspot.com/

7 questions about myself
{not sure if  i'm doing this right, but I asked my sister to ask me seven random questions  haha}
1.{sis} Where are you from?
{me} California but currently living in New Jersey courtesy of the Navy
2.{sis} What's your favorite thing to do?
{me} Cuddle and smother my girls with kisses
3.{sis}What's your favorite movie?
{me} Amelie! I can watch that movie over and over!!
4.{sis}What chore do you hate doing?
{me} Laundry! I have the tendency of washing all of it and putting it away days later lol
5.{sis}What's your favorite hobby?
                            {me} This one is tough, but currently I find myself thrift store shopping every other day and I have a blast lol
6.{sis} What's the number one most played song in your ipod?
{me} Sia-My love 
7.{sis} What's your favorite band?
{me} I can't choose one! I LOVE  Kings of Leon and Florence and the Machine!

10 Random facts about me
- I'm double jointed
-I have 7 tattoos
- I'm 5'4 
- I collect old bottles
- I love owls
- I speak two languages 
- I love drinking tea
- I have a Robert Pattinson mouse pad lol
- I love taking pictures

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  1. Thanks so much for the tag and for stopping by and saying hi! Just perused your blog and you are so my kinda girl! Love your style! Newest follower. :)

    1. You're so welcome! And thanks for following :)

  2. Thrifting is my favorite hobby, too. It's seriously an addiction! Hopefully the husband doesn't call for an intervention ;)

  3. Ahhh! Thank you! You're too sweet. And CONGRATS! :)

    1. Gave you a shoutout on the blog, by the way. Annnnd my spellcheck just changed that to 'shootout.' Good thing I saw that. :D

  4. Thank you!!! I love your taste in music :)


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