June 22, 2012

Jun 22, 2012

So I scored on a lot of pretties last week I went thrifting!! I also stumbled upon a new thrift store called Madonna House! I guess it paid to get lost lol. Here are some pictures of last weeks treasure hunting!

 I snagged this guy when I was checking out. My eyes lit up when I saw him!! Although he was a little pricey {well not really lol} I decided to purchase him. When I got home I looked him up online, and he's circa 1971 and from what I read he's worth $200.00. SCORE! I only purchased him for $10 {plus my military discount} Hey, this girl has to get her discounts!! lol. Big Boy is sitting nicely in my kitchen!

                              I have this pretty crochet decoration hanging in my living room wall. 


 I've always wanted a metal wire basket for my eggs.          

 I have some pyrex dishes although this one is glasbake, I still loved it.

 I have a house FULL of mason jars. So when ever I come across any, I HAVE TO HAVE THEM!!

This guy needs to be polished. It's to rest spoons on, but I have him hanging on my wall.

            Vintage pie pan that is now hanging in my kitchen.

This little vintage green fondue pot is in mint condition! I couldn't pass it up.

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                                                                                     Happy Thrifting!

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