June 30, 2012

Recent outfits worn by Sophia! Wow, my girl is growing way too fast!! Her newborn clothes are all put away {sad face} As of yesterday she is 12 weeks, but will not be 3 months until next Friday. Dear time, please SLOW down!
Sincerely, Me

June 26, 2012- DIY Headband

Supplies needed
hot glue gun

Newborn - 13 1/4"

3-6 months - 14 1/2"

6-12 months - 16"

toddler-teen - 17 1/2"

Adult - 18"

I currently cut my elastic for size 3-6 months and it fits Sophia great.
I purchased my elastic here
Flowers and felt, I purchased from Michaels & Ebay


You can also make other types of headbands with different types of lace or elastic!!


June 22, 2012

So I scored on a lot of pretties last week I went thrifting!! I also stumbled upon a new thrift store called Madonna House! I guess it paid to get lost lol. Here are some pictures of last weeks treasure hunting!

 I snagged this guy when I was checking out. My eyes lit up when I saw him!! Although he was a little pricey {well not really lol} I decided to purchase him. When I got home I looked him up online, and he's circa 1971 and from what I read he's worth $200.00. SCORE! I only purchased him for $10 {plus my military discount} Hey, this girl has to get her discounts!! lol. Big Boy is sitting nicely in my kitchen!

                              I have this pretty crochet decoration hanging in my living room wall. 


 I've always wanted a metal wire basket for my eggs.          

 I have some pyrex dishes although this one is glasbake, I still loved it.

 I have a house FULL of mason jars. So when ever I come across any, I HAVE TO HAVE THEM!!

This guy needs to be polished. It's to rest spoons on, but I have him hanging on my wall.

            Vintage pie pan that is now hanging in my kitchen.

This little vintage green fondue pot is in mint condition! I couldn't pass it up.

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                                                                                     Happy Thrifting!

June 18, 2012 GIVEAWAY!!! {{{{{CLOSED}}}}}

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                   4. Island Nectar sanitizer



June 18, 2012

Father's Day and Sophia's outfit of the day

This Father's day was a nice relaxing one. Hubby fired up the grill and he cooked some yummy burgers for us. He opened his gifts and really loved them! He especially loved the books my girls made him! I'm obsessed with Pinterest, so I got the idea from there. It was cute, simple and perfect for the occasion. Here are some pages from the book "Sophia" made for her dad. It was "officially" his first Father's day, although he has been a wonderful step-father to my oldest. I couldn't of asked for a better daddy to my girls.

I love how her little hand ended up on here!! I got the free download here

                     We ended our Father's day celebration with a batch of some yummy chocolate and
                                                        white chocolate chip cookies. YUM!

     Sophia's outfit of the day was thrifted this past Saturday. I actually got a lot of yummy goodies
      I'll show you  later. But for now, here's her cute little outfit I got her at Goodwill for .99 cents
                                     Add a cute yellow headband and you're good to go.



June 15,2012

Our weekly thrifting trip..

Late night blogging!! It's 2:13am everyone is sound asleep, bottles are washed, house is somewhat cleaned. So I'm taking the time to share some pretties with you. Lately I've been doing pretty much everything after midnight. When everyone is asleep, including baby. That way I have zero interruptions and I guess you can say I get some time for my self. Although it's probably unhealthy going to sleep this late lol. So I finally felt comfortable enough to leave the house with just baby. Thanks to the super big mirror that chills in the back of my SUV, if it wasn't for that mirror I would be a home body and only go out when the hubby would be available to drive. But that thing is a life saver. I have baby in sight 100% of the time that I'm driving, and usually she falls asleep which makes it even better.
Besides running errands and grocery shopping we (baby and I) have been going to Goodwill pretty much every week. And every week I find some yummy goodies! I'm super ecstatic that her little vintage closet is filling up! Here our some pretties from this weeks Goodwill visit.
                             Although this little romper looks a bit boyish I liked it because it has a
                                sailboat. Since daddy is a sailor in the Navy I thought it was a cute
                                                              way to REPRESENT! :)

                        I have been dying to get my hands on one of these little rompers! Found it
                                                      on the way out. I was STOKED!

Love this peach romper! It's a bigger size, so by the time baby is at least
6 months, this will fit her perfect!

                                          Love this pretty dress. With all things girly of course!

                                  BABAR!!! Who doesn't love this awesome elephant! If you're an
                                  80s baby you know who he is ;). I snagged this guy for 99 cents.

                        Aside from pretty vintage clothes I've been finding tons of little vintage books.
                           I'm planning on making some bookshelves I saw on Pinterest! Can't wait
                                                                    to get started.


June 14,2012

                                                  HAPPY FLAG DAY FROM CUPCAKE!