February 19, 2012

week 33

This Friday we went in for a growth scan. cupcake is measuring great and is an estimated 4 pounds 15 oz
4 weeks til full term 7 weeks til estimated due date! CAN NOT WAIT!! This week I finally got her nursery, it was kind of a pain because all of the pieces were individual so I had to cut all of them! But it was worth it!! I love the end result!

February 13, 2012

week 32

8 weeks left! 5 til full term!! I am so darn ecstatic!! I cannot wait!! Today I received the decals that are going up on cupcakes nursery!! I cant wait to put those on her pink wall!! This past weekend my little family and some friends went snow tubing in the mountains. Of course I was just there to watch, but i'm glad I got out the house and enjoyed myself with the company of my loved ones and friends!

February 5, 2012

week 31

9 weeks left!! I'm super duper excited!! I can't wait to hold my little girl!! My 2 week doctor visits have already started which makes it even faster for me! Baby girl is always kicking up a storm, I know she's running out of room in there! Sleeping is sooo uncomfortable! My hips hurt like crazy and i'm constantly moving from left to right to be comfy. 9 weeks can't come soon enough!!!

February 1, 2012

Valentine's Day Banner

I love holidays, Valentines day happens to be one of my favorites. So I made this banner and included a simple tutorial so you can make your own! Hope you enjoy!!
{I know I haven't done a weekly belly picture, i'll have that up soon} ;)

1. cut a triangle shape from any kind of hard scrapbook paper {i used a gold glitter one I got at Michael's for $1.99}
2. cut the stencil of the letters you want to use & paint them with your favorite color. I used this free font here
3. let the paint dry for no more than a minute before peeling of your stencil or it will stick like this!
4. after you have let it dry for at least 30 min you will have an end result like this :)
Then all you have to do is glue some string along the back & you're done!