January 23, 2012

guess what I woke up to the other morning!!

 yaay! finally, I woke up to a white winter land! It's so beautiful looking outside your window and seeing this view! Hey i'm a Cali girl! Can't blame me for being this excited!!

January 21,2012

week 29

OMG I'm in pain!! Well only when I stay in one place for too long. Pelvic pressure sucks! I don't remember having it with my first daughter..I have 8 more weeks til full term, and i'm really hoping cupcake decides to come out sooner than later. Rolling over in bed is so painful! I'm getting more anxious and excited! Can't wait to have my girl here!

January 20,2012

Cloudy with no chance of SNOW

YEP, almost the end of January and ZERO sign of snow. I give up, my snow dances are obviously not working lol. I'd rather be in California soaking up that nice vitamin d the sun has to offer!

January 20, 2012


Besides me craving moms home made mexican food, which i'm constantly dreaming about, i'm craving Panera! I recently introduced myself to this yummy turkey sandwich and now I MUST HAVE IT!! This stuff is the bomb, and let's not leave out their yummy chai tea latte {that stuff is delish}
And  for the not so healthy craving, chocolate donuts with ice cold milk! I made my hubby go out and buy some for me the other night, he's awesome!! Although i'm for sure not eating these on a regular basis, a girls gotta satisfy her sweet tooth once in a while ;)

January 17, 2012

Nursery Art

I've been making some printable wall art that's going in cupcakes nursery wall. Here's a couple I wanted to share with you guys! Enjoy! I'm also getting some similar frames to these which I found at Ikea.
 You can get the ABC printable here
And the Twinkle printable here
Ikea frames here
For some reason you can't view the picture at the download link, it will still let you download it once you do :)

January 14,2012

week 28

I'm so excited to finally be in my last trimester!! 12 more weeks until my cupcakes due date. With my daughter she was 1 week late so hopefully it doesn't happen with this one because i'm so anxious to meet her! We haven't gotten anything done with the nursery besides paint, once we get her crib I will start sewing her crib sheets & skirt. I've also been busy sewing some burp clothes for her. Once i'm done I will post some pics up. Have a great weekend guys! xo

Aileen's Room

Once upon a time this blog was Red Rose Vintage

January 07, 2012

27 weeks

I am soooo excited to be entering my final trimester!! I remember like it was yesterday that I was so anxious to move into my second and now look were I am! That means 10 more weeks until baby reaches full term and 13 until my estimated due date! It's been getting more and more uncomfortable to sleep now!
 We heard cupcakes heart beat a few days ago when I went to my monthly visit. I love listening to it, sounds like galloping horses to me. I was surprised that in 3 weeks I gained zero weight! I don't know how the heck that happened with all the holiday food I ate, but hey i'm not complaining!!

January 02, 2012

Cupcakes painted room

I wasn't sure what color we were going to paint cupcakes room {well one wall} and we just decided to go with a pink color named Rosy Cheeks that we purchased at Lowe's. This is were we are going to be placing her crib and on the wall we will have white tree decals, since the theme of her nursery is going to be whimsical woodland. I also made a bunting banner which will hang on her crib, since we will not be using a crib bumper, the banner will make it look nice and bright and not too plain.

December 24,2011

25 weeks

Little cupcake has been super active! Daddy & sister can now feel her strong acrobatic kicks! I love seeing their faces when they feel her! It's Christmas Eve and still no snow! We keep wanting it so bad that when it does get here it's going to hit us hard and we're going to wish it wasn't snowing lol

December 18,2011

A peek in cupcakes closet..

Since I won't be having a baby shower due to all of my family being in California we have been stocking up on baby clothes. We never come back empty handed when we go out shopping. Hubby says theirs too much pink, but you can NEVER have too much pink!! lol. My current favorite stores for baby shopping are Marshall's & Burlington Coat Factory. Although I was at Goodwill the other day and bought about 6 little outfits with the PRICE TAGS still attached for about a buck each!! Now that's a deal!!

Closet Organizer was purchased here

December 9,2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

So being that I'm from West Coast I was excited for coming to the East and experiencing a white snowy Christmas. So far ZERO sign of snow! Although we did experience a random snow day back in October! Which me and my daughter were super excited for! So hopefully the snow comes soon! :)
Our favorite Christmas movies

December 3,2011

22 weeks

Movement, has gotten so much stronger! I love feeling my little cupcake kick me! Hubby still can't feel her from the outside :(
Craving, my moms yummy home made tamales!! I really HATE that I crave her home cooked meals right now that i'm pregnant only because she lives on the other side of the country! 
I'm excited that some of my pre-pregnancy clothes still fit!! Let's see how long that lasts lol

November 23,2011

I've been on Pinterest like a mad woman, looking at nursery ideas and pinning a lot of tutorials I've seen for my cupcakes nursery. Here are a couple of pictures I'm getting color inspiration from. This website here has so many neat ideas!!

These are some pretty cool free printables you can save & print! To find them just click on the pinterest link at the beginning of this post and it will take you to all of my pins. There you can click on the picture and it will take to you the direct link!

Seriously how beautiful is this! I wish our little cupcake could have a nursery like this, which requires a few thousand dollars lol. I'll just stick to painting here room and the Do It Yourself tutorials and save myself a few thousand bucks

November 18,2011

19 weeks 6 days

I went in to get my level 2 anatomy scan thinking I was going to have a boy. My whole family had been saying that I was carrying one so I had it in my head that it was a boy. Although I already have a little {well not so little 11 year old girl} I wanted to have another one! They are just so fun to dress! Either way I would be thankful to God if it wasn't a girl. A healthy baby is all we wanted. So when the tech said it was a girl, I wanted to jump off the bed and do a little dance..We are truly lucky to be blessed with another healthy baby!

I totally wanted to dance like this guy when I heard the news!! lol

My 19 week belly picture taken earlier in the week before finding out the BIG news. I'm so excited to finally have a baby bump! It's been over a decade and I totally feel like a first time mommy again lol

I got the chalkboard idea from of course the show Good Luck Charlie lol and here

October 31,2011

17 weeks

Halloween and a blurry iphone picture. Me and my daughter were both sugar skulls so the baby had to dress up too! I had seen a tutorial on makeit-loveit.com a few years ago and knew I wanted to make something just like it for me to wear on Halloween. Even tho my bump was still small, I still had to rock it!

October 1,2011

13 weeks

 So I went into Marshall's just wanting to "look" at baby stuff & when I saw these I had to buy them!! Even though I had no idea what I would be having, everyone kept thinking boy, but these were too cute to pass up so I had to buy them anyway. I have a couple of friends that are also pregnant with girls so if mine was a boy I would simply give them away. I even had to hide them from my hubby {for a few hours at least} I will always stop him from buying baby stuff because we don't know what we were having yet. It didn't bother him too much so I was glad I told him, I hate keeping things from him because then I feel guilty lol. Aren't these the cutest tho!!

September 23,2011

11weeks 6days

Today we went in for our Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound. You know the one that measures the fold in the back of babies neck to see if they have Down Syndrome. Everything was looking great, our little bean was a bit shy and was covering his face with his hand. So cute. I was amazed at how much he had grown in a matter of a few weeks! His heartbeat was nice and strong. A few days later we go the call from the doctor that everything was looking great.

August 23,2011 {the sound of love}

  7 weeks
A week after my first ultrasound we headed back to the doctors. I was a little nervous, nervous that something might be wrong, this time I had my daughter with me and I did not want her to witness any bad news. But thank God we listened to beans heart beat. It's the most beautiful sound a mother could listen to. Especially after 11 years of carrying another child inside me.

August 15,2011 {a beating heart}

    6 1/2 weeks

A week later me and my husband were headed to the doctors for an ultrasound. I was super terrified, because I had been spotting like I was my previous pregnancy before this one, and I was scared that the baby was going to have no heartbeat.....as the doctor placed the probe on my stomach I turned to the screen and saw my beans flickering heart! He measured at 6 1/2 weeks & I was given April 7th as my due date!

August 9,2011 {a wonderful surprise}

I had  mixed emotions when I had a positive pregnancy test. You see back in May 2011 I had a miscarriage. It was a very difficult time for me, especially since I had just moved to New Jersey from California. I had no family here beside my husband and mother in law. And seeing that I got pregnant again so fast made me terrified of going through the same thing that happened only a few weeks back. But I turned those fears into positive vibes and trusted in God that everything would be alright!